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Development in the Dutch Real Estate market.

Buying a house is never an easy task. Especially  not as an Expat in a foreign country. What are the dos and don’ts? What does one need to pay particular attention to? We at ForeXpat are a one-stop-shop with extensive knowledge and experience  with any query Expats may have - about insurance issues, about handling the real estate market, about setting up a new business and/or start-up. Then there is our tax consultancy expertise. And all along we like to keep you – our reader – informed about any and all of our and your topics.

School types Netherlands

There are different types of primary school in the Netherlands. Some are publicly run and some are privately run. Besides mainstream primary schools, there are also special schools for primary education and schools for special education.

Public-authority schools

Public-authority schools are open to all children. Teaching at these schools is not based on religion or belief.

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