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Welcome to the Netherlands

Our collaboration is specialized for foreign entrepreneurs and expats who settle in the Netherlands. By combining our experience and expertise, we form a boutique service in the field of:

Tax Compliance

We know the laws and rules that will help your business to
start and grow.

Start up - Accountancy

We'll provide you with the best accountants so you can focus on your business.

Business advice

We save you from common mistakes and show you business oppertunities.


We help you to find the right office space for
your business as well as housing for your staff.

Real Estate

Whenever you prefer buying over renting, we know the Dutch Real Estate Market and we'll find you the right place to buy.


Get the lowest interest rates with the best Mortgage for your property


Make sure you get al the compulsory insurrances for your company and your staff.


Don't wait, just call us today and let us help you to make your Dutch office work.

Meet the team

Welcome to our website. We are ForExpat, a dedicated, one-stop-shopping address for expats and entrepreneurs who want to settle in The Netherlands. Our combined forces enable us to be your guide in all your housing and financial challenges, taking every worry of your hand.

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Read about new oppertunities, laws and rules concerning your business in The Netherlands.

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